3 thoughts on “Glass”

  1. heyyyyyyyyyyyy welcome… soo happy u decided to do this, so many people are gonna get some good stuff from ths particular blog now!! lucky us….and may i jst say, that i looooved ur subheading…. one of the funniest i have read man… lol….

    and oh, are u really the same? well, may be, but if he were to look down on you and spy, dnt really thnk that the galss would dissolve, it is too lifeless, too indifferent, too “efficient” for such an act… unless u break it ofcourse… then may be, jst may be, u will, be the same..

    hey wat about the prize??????:)

  2. K,
    Just got here through Orkut. Wish I’d gotten here sooner.
    This post was beautiful. All I ask is that you keep on writing. I’m sure M**A gives you more than adequate subject matter for this blog. Would love to look at it anew from your perspective.

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