Spoiler Warning (Harry Potter)

One thought on “Spoiler Warning (Harry Potter)”

  1. Often i have complained about the derth of comments in this blog… and often i myself have given the answer.. and here i am, finally gathered enough courage to break the ice… because after reading this post, i thought the ice would eventually melt a little… anyway… personally, this, according to me is your best piece… and i say this purely because it was so personal… and so simple… i do not really need to share my feelings about harry and the innocense that he has taken away, for you have done it in the most beautiful and lucid way…
    let me not give an account of the differnt aspects of its beauty… as that will only demean it… so lets just say that this piece, after a long time, made me feel, and not understand…made me quiet, and not enlightened… take a bow

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