One thought on “Language”

  1. hmmmm…. just when you were starting to write for the mass… thankfully you dont have a community in orkut of Saussure… that would have been doubleungood…

    but now that you mention it…. they are thinking about doing away with different words for a different tense… like instead of “ate”, they planning to use “eated”, or “swimmed” for “swum”…. not kidding… came in the paper… cant tell you which edition as am not that good with referring like you :)…

    but if language is all about communication, then ever wonder:
    thet hw ve cne reed nd undrstnd what we maen evne whtih splleing erors lkie this? 🙂
    then what is the purp[ose of spellings?

    and also, why is it necessary to learn the alphabets in that order?
    am not even close to Saussure, just an idle mind asking for direction…

    by the way… the vocab these engineers have here, think they are already into the 9th edition of Newspeak..

    and i loved the passage you wrote in your comment…

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