A Million Concentration Camps

One thought on “A Million Concentration Camps”

  1. for a moment… just for a few forgatteble moments i thought that you are converting… breathed a sigh of relief as i read along… anyway… two things…. this is the most vivid piece of writing to have come out of your twisted head… at least from whatever i hyave read… so yeah, we are improving as writers and how!! and second, the best part about this piece isnt the beautiful way its been described, neither is the heading (applause, once more), but the idea itself… i wish i could come up with it, but thankfully didnt, as wouldnt have done justice to it like the way you have…

    by the way, “lungis”??? do we have to??? anyway…

    Prothom baar murgi kinte geli naki? 🙂

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