Sodom & Gomorrah – John Martin

Now, about this time the Sodomites, overwhelmingly proud of their numbers and the extent of their wealth, showed themselves insolent to men and impious to the divinity, insomuch that they no more remembered the benefits that they had received from him, hated foreigners and avoided any contact with others. Indignant at this conduct, God accordingly resolved to chastise them for their arrogance, and not only to uproot their city, but to blast their land so completely that it should yield neither plant nor fruit whatsoever from that time forward.

β€”Jewish Antiquities 1:194-195 (

Since the beginning of History, Mankind has feared a complete wipeout. And each time, this wipeout has been seen as a result of our sins. Global warming in that respect is no different. The only difference, this time, instead of reading about how no-one paid heed to the soothsayers, we are smack bang in the middle of the whole thing.

As a middle class Indian clawing his way out of a complete lack of empowerment and living in an overpopulated coastal megapolis, the feeling of living on the edge of a very steep precipice is very acute. Especially after listening to Al Gore and his top-notch oratory (Al Gore wins the Nobel Peace Prize). And of course, the big-budget Hollywood ‘disaster movies’ dont’ help much either.

Al Gore

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