Against Stupid Tautologies

I have been trying not to write this post for a while now. I don’t want to be fascist about my world view. But Google’s neutral keyword searches make it very difficult to ignore the vast number of ridiculous ‘arguments’ there. For example, here and here.

Saying you are against the notion of an absolute truth does not mean you can no longer be convinced of anything. It means that you are convinced that there is no absolute truth. Thats all. It means that you negate the fact that there is a version of reality which is true while all else is false. It is the view that all viewpoints, in a large or small way (how large or small being again relational, relative and subjective) contribute to a clearer picture of reality and truth. And that truth and reality are both moving targets.

Of course, things keep getting harder for people like me. Because experiments like the ones at CERN only make people believe that if not today, then at least sometime in the distant, beautiful future, we will have all the answers {if we survive ‘Climate Change’ (Amen). Assoles like you will stop talking your stupid rot when we can all float around defying gravity, and teleport to different planets…blah, blah, blah} .

And of course, the point will be missed again. Why am I not used to that as yet?

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