And I Can Write Again

Everytime I hear him speak about America and its people I choke up. He invokes History and creates enduring myths with every speech with a passion, ease and resonance I have never heard before.

Many Indians find it strange that some of us were more involved with the Obama-McCain campaign than any of the most pressing issues of our country. I myself was surprised at the intensity of emotions I felt when I heard that Obama had finally won.

But I believe that the significance of this moment is already clear to every person exposed to any media in India. Finally we can openly talk about how incredible the journey of the black race in America has been. Yes, it took an Obama to make it possible, but he is standing on the shoulders of men and women who have sacrificed and suffered but never stopped believing, never losing faith. An America which has the highest prison population in the world, a large majority of which is black. An America where it seems only yesterday that the American Civil Rights Movement ended.

Obama’s victory is a mammoth achievement of the American Democracy. But you cannot take anything away from the man.

For now, the sceptics, the rationalists and the doomsday lovers can rest their voices. It is the night of the romantic. The night of the dreamer. And the night of all those who have held candles aloft in an open chilly night.

The world has finally found its modern day Hero.

2 responses to “And I Can Write Again”

  1. A hero becomes a hero with his deeds…. and i hope he becomes one, with days to come…. but yes, the disgruntled world of minorities across this ever conflicted globe, perhaps needed an example to make them pick up those broken pieces of dreams again…. he has proved the existence of American dream…. which is so easy to dismiss as being romantic….

    anyway…. with this passion Sire, where’s the treat? πŸ˜€

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