Darkness Behind Enemy Lines

We grew up reading Alistair McLeans, our hearts pounding as we raced through page after yellowed page, hoping to God that Mallory didn’t encounter a Wermacht patrol. We grew up understanding that we must always celebrate and cherish the ‘Good Fight’. Where going behind enemy lines did not mean you lost your chivalry, your charm, or your sense of right and wrong. We grew up on Ian Fleming and men who had the ‘licence to kill’, only because they would use it against evil, and evil alone.

But those sepia-honey tinted days seem so far away. So far from the horrors of the Holocaust, from China, from Vietnam, Congo, Bosnia, Darfur, N Korea, Palestine, Afghanistan…and India. And we know now that the truth of the world and of mankind is far closer in nature to darkness than it is to light.


6 responses to “Darkness Behind Enemy Lines”

  1. Yeah….. it’s tragic that what happens in fiction, tends to stay there….. in reality, the naive often confuse the heroes and villains….. some are misunderstood, some profiteering, some brainwashed, and some, well, are dead.

    But “those sepia-honey tinted days” were also restricted to fiction, weren’t they? Mankind was always close to darkness.

  2. no…. childhood wasn’t a fiction…. but all this went on right…. we just didnt know them….. so when we were living the dreams, another generation was going through the pain of awareness and information….. cursing the world that they live in.

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