Childhood Addiction

7 thoughts on “Childhood Addiction”

  1. The PC was my way of connecting with my genius of a father, he was a hero who knew how to work a computer and had a laptop when most of our country hadn’t even heard of one. A small town girl like me, started playing games on it, geeky ones though, unlike your action packed ones, like Minesweeper, typing games etc etc. Also, I loved Basic and MS DOS. My father assumed I was a child prodigy, little did he know I would turn out the way I am now, an advertising beginner, still obsessed with my own beloved IBM R52 – my almost best friend, in a world where humans are not around, or allowed. You know it all, don’t you…?
    This post is close to my heart, will always be..
    Thank you for writing, keep blogging. muah

  2. your love affair with computers…. well, i think i know a bit about it.. :)…..

    well into the night and deep into some crazy dream i suddenly wake up as if something had happened, and hear that frantic clattering of the keyboard either to write some stuff for some presentation, or (as it was mostly the case) mail someone who was a bit far away… ๐Ÿ™‚ and then you would look up to me, very nonchalantly and say, “how do you like my typing speed?”….. ๐Ÿ™‚ smug

    by the way….. i see myself now, and i get deja vu…..
    lovely lovely post……

  3. hi!

    i remember sneaking into his house with you. I remember he also had this fortune teller sort of thing. And would bullshit us. lol.

  4. I like the description of the way the computer starts, with the glowing “dash” in the top corner and then random numbers flashing in quick succession…Got me nostalgic!

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