Cinema Paradiso Part 2

Someone once told me: “After all, it is just light from the back of a projector which falls on a blank white wall. And yet, people will dance in front of it, throw flowers at it, hoot and whistle, laugh and cry, clap & dance, scream & cringe. its all a little overdone.”

As you would expect, the whole group just looked at him, then proceeded to ignore anything else he said for the rest of the afternoon. And for weeks, we would try not bumping into him when we went for our addas. He got the hint pretty quick I can tell you. And became a Rajnikant fan. Well some-what.

I never admitted it back then, but I don’t get the flower-throwing either. Imagine carrying flowers in for a repeat watch, determined to throw flowers at your idol. Its not spontaneous enough, somehow. But the multiplexes these days are such a different world. You hear babies crying sometimes, and the occasional phone conversation. But that perfect world of balcony hush & stall mayhem is getting increasingly rare.

So now if I cry, or clap after a movie, some people shoot dis-approving and stunned glances at me. But they’ll all fucking stand up for the national anthem and sing along with me with gusto.

But who cares. Whether its a Rs. 15 box seat at Payal, or a Rs. 280 L-row seat at PVR, cinema is and always will be cinema. And whether you like summing up your cinema with throughly inadequate adjectives, or, like me, prefer displaying all the sorts of emotions the film-makers laboured to evoke during the film and writing about it later; whatever your flavour, just go see more cinema. For God know if you will be alive or not tomorrow.


3 responses to “Cinema Paradiso Part 2”

  1. i used to love seeing people throw coins towards the screen when Amitabh Bachchan would scream out an outrageous dialogue. For some strange reason, i totally get the flower throwing or coin throwing knowing perfectly well that its just a screen. Thats why i like India, people are inherently detached from reality…. as long as they are happy.

    But Mr. Multiplex hater, how come you frequent PVR and have absolutely forgotten Regal? You can totally clap and do whatver there you know…. forgotten those stiff seats and the smell of samosa and frooti? irreplacable….

  2. Relaxing my notorious non commenting streak.. I reiterate… do all of us a favour… stay this pretty. Always.

    Needn’t comment on the post. That would just be ridiculously obvious and we don’t do that, do we??

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