Cinema Paradiso Part 2

3 thoughts on “Cinema Paradiso Part 2”

  1. i used to love seeing people throw coins towards the screen when Amitabh Bachchan would scream out an outrageous dialogue. For some strange reason, i totally get the flower throwing or coin throwing knowing perfectly well that its just a screen. Thats why i like India, people are inherently detached from reality…. as long as they are happy.

    But Mr. Multiplex hater, how come you frequent PVR and have absolutely forgotten Regal? You can totally clap and do whatver there you know…. forgotten those stiff seats and the smell of samosa and frooti? irreplacable….

  2. Relaxing my notorious non commenting streak.. I reiterate… do all of us a favour… stay this pretty. Always.

    Needn’t comment on the post. That would just be ridiculously obvious and we don’t do that, do we??

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