Metro Morning


I snapped this sitting in a taxi on my way to work. Finally a snap of which I am proud (photographers out there, please forgive this amateur). Of course, the stupid scanner took away all the luminosity & my photoshop skills did not suffice in getting them back. All the same…

People the world over have started taking SO many photographs. It gets harder everyday to take a snap without feeling self-concious or filled with the vague sense that a thousand people are taking that exact angle, want to capture that very smile. Or shade of green. Of course, it helps if Canon or Nikon are telling you this is the best you can get (i.e. if you are one of those people who doesn’t feel cuckolded using auto-focus). So, (deep breath), this is my attempt at a good shot while moving with a camera that does not have auto-focus & without any formal training in photography. (Phew)

Now you can diss it all you like. I’m impervious.

p.s. No I didn’t photoshop it (except to get what the developed film looks like).

3 responses to “Metro Morning”

  1. so much drama!

    and this coming from one of the best photography ppl (read real people without any professional training etc etc phew)

    such a drama queen!

    u r the best

  2. I love all the circles! And the tiny details – like that stool/table. It looks too rickety to sit on, so maybe it’s used to display more tubes and pipes? And yet it’s been kept strangely clutter-free. Why?

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