It doesn’t end with the sperm

4 thoughts on “It doesn’t end with the sperm”

  1. I had a teacher in my 2nd standard, Jayanti Ghosh i think her name was, who used to threaten the children saying that if they talked in class, she would make the class monitor open their pants….. She never really did it, but i am sure, even if she had, no one would make it an issue.

    Things are much better now i guess, at least in the urban homes and schools. But yes, every now and then we hear stories of teachers beating students to death, or children getting traumatised after a harsh punishment and the likes.


  2. hey you didnt have to make a blogpost out of exactly what I thought that day copycat!
    muah, we’ll try and be beter at it than that guy, okay?

  3. believe it or not but i was just thinking of writing a blog on a similar incident – when i read this..

    the last time i was going back home.. i faced a similar incident.. i met a 5 yrs. old girl on the train.. while talking to me and my fellow travelers, i discovered that she is a very smart girl.. she had all her poems mugged up and would even sing 4r us the filmy songs like beedi.. all of us were enjoying with her a lot.. but what we saw after a few minutes gave all the viewers goose bumps..
    after finishing a pkt. of chips completely, when she wiped her dirty little hands on her frock, her father(who was sitting beside her) gave her a tight slap.. so hard that one could even see his hand prints on her cheeks.. worst part is that the girl did not shudder a bit.. instead she looked at him 4r a second and started playing again..

    Is this the correct way of making a child perfect.. and why should he/she be perfect.. should a child’s childhood be slaughtered just 4r the sake of surviving in this extremely competitive and capitalist world..

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