8 thoughts on “Incarceration”

  1. Funny you talk about this at THIS stage of your life…. if you know what i mean…. 😀

    Isolation works, if it does, simply because man is inherently a social animal…. i am not saying it works all the time, but one still has a chance….

    Ever seen the inside of a jail or even a lock up? Might find it intersting… 🙂

  2. I’d just like to reply to a comment made above. My fellow commentator used the word “chance”. I think we are talking about bodies which think and are physically functioning. The law cannot use hit and trial method just to come to a conclusion. The functioning of detention by F.B.I. is hideous. And i’d like to ask the commentator – have you seen or even heard about the method used? As for me – i think it to be grotesque and completely inhumane especially as it differs from country to country.

  3. “Bodies which think” is it? ah…. that part i must have missed….

    With a heart felt thanks for reminding me of a rebattle session of a school debate (in which, of course, i used to falter as well) i would humbly admit, that with the new found knowledge of rapists and murderers as thinking individuals, i shall pay them respect and say “my bad”….

    kindly forgive…

    and i an Neel by the way…. 🙂

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