Before Darwin

Something A said last night got me really thinking…

What caused organic molecules to develop into self-replicating protiens and develop a metabolism? And what drives this self-replication which ultimately manifests in Life’s will to pro-create, propogate and survive. What drives adaptations and mutations to the environment. Mountains, rock and the the oceans do not behave like that. What is it about carbon-based life forms and most probably a million other forms of life on other planets to live?

I remember learning as a child that there was a primordial “soup” in Earth’s early years which facilitated this process. Facilitated, yes, & Darwin et al. explained the evolution thereafter. But what drives DNA to behave the way it does?

It disturbs me that I have given this so little thought in so long. Yes, I do not believe in a higher purpose because I do not believe the Universe has a higher purpose.

But do I have the right to be convinced of so much, when I do not even understand the most fundamental of things. What is it that makes us need our Fundamental Rights. To survive, to be free, to think, to feel and to be.

3 responses to “Before Darwin”

  1. see, I told you its intriguing and something to think about… like i said in my head, it’s very easy for any of us (esp. me) to go bohemain-freebeing because it all seems meaningless (not in a bad way, but in a freeing way) and temptations knocks and knocks from time to time… but as usual i come back to this puzzling state of ‘real life’…
    i have not answers, only questions, most of them nt yet articulated. but i dont know i love thinking about gravity and how on earth does the concept of gravity exist and why dnt i fly off the surface of the earth and y isnt the water falling off the earth into another puzzling dimension…. my goodness… see what i mean… its neverending… i hope i do some answers some day. we will cmpare notes from time to time… mwah…hug…

  2. This is why I wanted to be half-educated as a child – pulled out of school after 6th grade. That way, I’d always be full of wonder and amazement at every new thing I heard about.

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