Of a mind that wanders to that to which it belongs

I prefer the sea.

Because I close myself in

Because life is not fulfilling

Only after a climb.

Life is fulfilling when

I see little fish


Because I can smell

The pungency of life

Because when I cup water,

And light plays

In my palms

I feel prismatic.

Because when a wave throws me,

I can feel its power

And its joy.

Because I know it brings death often,

And fear lurks within

But that very death

Contasts against the eternal sea.

Because the rhythm and the songs

That the world sings to me


And mesmerise

And my eyes fill with

Tiny reflections

Of the first womb.

Because we are of the sea.

And some of us return.

Because mountains are Men

And the sea,


3 responses to “Of a mind that wanders to that to which it belongs”

  1. (comment for the above post)


    I crave a voice
    With a sprinkle of fluted noise
    Because I bear death everyday
    From this life to another
    Because life has delivered an infant
    who grives, cries, and rants
    This death advanced a life
    A life when voice speaks
    Through living crevices and creeks
    Speech breeds confusion
    Yet, speech addresses a way
    shows the light of day
    Like an infant in labour
    It breaks the walls of a silent womb.
    Old defences fail,
    As the new wears out its shell
    Because I felt horror over me creep
    When death comes to me
    As a fleeting sleep
    Satisfied and shattered,
    Fulfilled and destroyed,
    Half the night, I waste in sighs
    The other half in dreams, I sorrow
    Yet, I crave a voice
    Beyond these earthly noise
    As Men are words spoken
    And Women silences – kept

    take care 🙂

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