Vishal Bhardwaj & Mr. Blandings

I love how Kaminey is shot. I’ll need to see it again for proper review but first impressions were wow! All those indoor to outdoor and back again shots, the bobbing, swinging camera. And theres even more avant-garde Hollywood action in there, with the narrowest depths of field, bottom-up views,  all-out blurs. Such a rush. Likes hes splattering emotion in a bucket at a transparent canvas and I’m on the opposite side, watching. The man is an absolute genius. Except with the slow motion. I dont think you can fit in slow-motion as a method when you are shooting with such styles.

And I love Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House. Its got all the indomitable-ness of post-War America and the essence of all the  happy fonts and illustrations of vintage ads. Like most films I have seen that are adapts of  novels, it is an absolute delight.


4 responses to “Vishal Bhardwaj & Mr. Blandings”

  1. fantaftic finema dada, fantaftic finema….. and thank god you didnt menfon guy ritchie anywhere in the poft….. however topical it might be…. 😀

  2. i think the flow motion waf alfo beautiful, he if a well rounded geniuf..
    plus blandings was delightful!
    and so r u (ummmm……..well moftly)

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