4 thoughts on “Myanmar”

  1. There is so much that needs to be learnt about this world we live in… so much that many people like me do not know exist…So, for the people’s betterment – you must keep bringing these things up in ur writings, as these are the differences we can make, miniscule as they may be!For you contribute much more than the extremists just by thinking and typing… love

  2. Spent a long afternoon reading the report on Burma. It just sickens me to the stomach sometimes to think of what we are doing with our lives. We are social maggots, who live for consumerism and die by it and are utterly blinded by it.

    Twice in two days I have had to explain my position on Gandhi – once to a young (graduate with education hons, mind you) intern and once to my Creative director. Twice I had to listen to stupid remarks about how he is ‘over-hyped’.

    I feel nauseous. I wish Gandhi was born today. Humanity needs him more now, than we did when bullets were being fired in Amritsar in 1919.

  3. “socially integrating humanity a little more” pari na dada, chalie jao chalie jaao! Michil kobe ber korchish bolish, banner nie pouche jaabo.. shudhu shaathe ektu whisky hole bhalo hoe… single malt! πŸ™‚

  4. Thank you all. πŸ™‚ Thanks Ravi for your first comment.
    @A: I dont contribute at all. Not one bit. But I will one day. Before I die.

    @R: I am glad you read the whole report. I didn’t. Maybe its the fact that I get too depressed or maybe its anger at the depth of the report being in such stark contrast to the global apathy to the situation. Does every country which needs saving need ot have oil, or be in the way of an oil pipeline?

    @Neel: πŸ™‚ I try Sir. I always rember to try and bring more passion into what I write. But once Babu, always a Babu. Yes. Its been a long time.

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