The Good Fight


Of deeds done

And things felt

Are more important

Than the deeds done

And the things felt;


Fighting the Good Fight,

Is more important,

Than staying alive;

And feasting over the verdant;


Sitting by the shores,

Of your imagination

And dreaming about

What She is telling you

Is more valuable…

Than all the things,

You may have learnt,

Or felt


4 responses to “The Good Fight”

  1. That’s what I like about you, you know the difference between what’s surface and what’s underneath. I love your constant desire to unearth the inner motivations, your crazy need to solve the puzzles and how you hold on to what truly matters.

  2. Very very candid…The way you say the most trivial things and then correlate it with the most vital things and this journey that you make from the upper crust to the depths is so beautiful!

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