A Morning Poem

For all the crumbs left behind
On the highway of Time
For all the dreams
On the highway of success
For all the moments
Which well up
Which swell up
And consume my mind
For all the nightmares
That leave a bad taste
In the life I left behind
For all the lives,
I left behind.
For all the lives
I left behind.

2 responses to “A Morning Poem”

  1. Hi,

    Just a query, why did u call it “morning,” is it a dawn after the “behind”? I might even misinterpret! I liked the subtlety; however, dont you think its all what we choose to be ?

    take care,

    • Hi Shayani 🙂

      It was called “A morning poem”, simply because I woke up and distilled my dreams and moods into the poem. I hope you liked it.

      It is very heartening to know I have a regular reader in you.


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