An Epitaph

Here lived,

A man ordinary.

Believing he stood for something,

Existing only,

Because the sinister echoes,

Bent on destruction;

And finality

Wanted him to wilt.

Here stood a man,

Who heard the voices,

Which didn’t exist,

For without them,

There was nothing to distinguish,

One triumph,

From the other.

Here was a man,

Who believed,

He did not believe,

Much though he was told,

“Time is a hard teacher.”

Here stood a man once,

Less than a wink,

When mapped on

The Universe’s gown,

And yet,

He was content.

Because when the echoes died,

So did he.

8 responses to “An Epitaph”

  1. I loved the expression that said “wink, when mapped on the universe’s gown”…visually and cerebrally delightful!

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