Losing Bruce

It is so sad, that to almost everyone I meet who knows his name, Springsteen is the good-looking, young bloke from the 70’s who sang loud pop-rock classics like Born to Run, Badlands and Dancing in the Dark.

And with each passing year, the fact that he is one of the greatest American song-writers, gets further and further glossed over by the popular stuff.

Springsteen’s quieter albums are increasingly known to people only as the larger body of work from which other popular titles sung at concerts, and compiled into more and more Greatest Hit’s collections emerge.

“Streets of Philadelphia” from…oh, just one of the greatest albums of love and love lost, ever made.

“Badlands” from…oh, just “Darkness on The Edge of Town”, one of the most critically acclaimed  albums of all time.

I could go on, but what is the point. I don’t even know why this post exists.

2 responses to “Losing Bruce”

    • Er…no Vikas, not really. but of course, this is a public blog, so you are more than entitled to your opinion.

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