The difference between bombs and bombs.

I’m not sure about you, but I am really tired of this sentence being callously thrown around these days:

“It doesn’t make any difference who drops them. They do the same thing.”

Not true. Bombs kill, maim and destroy. They are amongst the most terrible thing Man invented (along with water torture). But more people should realise that there is a difference between what happened at Dresden, Vietnam, Gaza or Nagasaki; and what the NATO (USA) did in Libya (for e.g.). To not know the human, forget political difference between knowing in your hearts that you are going to rip a little girl’s cradle to shreds vs. destroy other installations which are used to kill or control people, is, in opinion being more than a little thick.

And another thing: Isn’t it all to easy to discuss all the conspiracy theories and hegemony theories and spit and lash out at the US? Have we stopped to think about the implications of a democracy, and yes, everything aside, a working democracy taking these decisions? Do they think Obama just wakes up one morning and says, to hell with it, let’s go bomb this country? And they let him? I know, this is the same country where half the population backs the Second Amendment and says “Gun’s don’t kill people.” But really? That simple?


Since the writing of this post, further discussions have led me to acknowledge that the U.S does have a pattern to the conflicts it allows itself to get involved in (or forces upon itself), and the ones it doesn’t. And that while the conspiracy theories may be over-stating and over-simplfying things, it is also true that no nation, especailly the US, gets involved in conflicts it cannot gain personally from.  And also that the use of drones in Afghanistan on civilian areas is just as criminal as anything else. If not more. 23rd May 2011.

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