Of Cassettes, CDs & Dust on the Shelves

4 thoughts on “Of Cassettes, CDs & Dust on the Shelves”

  1. first lovely post!
    Just recollected when I used to get those (never heard) floyd cassettes, apprehensive whether they’ll satiate the way I want myself to be satiated, scared because ma will scream from down to turn the volume low, and so many things. Yes, only when we move places, we realise the dusted things that needs to be discarded and some that needs to be moved with us.

    take care

  2. Thankee for the praise my faithful (need I also add patient) reader. 🙂 Mothers and their obsession with turning down the volume.

  3. from ma ..writing is a form of therapy, I wonder how all those who do not write ,compose or paint,can manage to escape the madness,melancholia,the panic,fear which is inherent in human situations.Man needs escape as he needs food deep sleep and your writing offer that escape for me.

  4. @Ma: I am happy that it does, in whatever little way it can. Glad that you stopped by. Love you.

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