Outside the bubble

6 thoughts on “Outside the bubble”

  1. Someone’s writing!

    There are so many things you feel as deeply and about, and i am waiting for them to come out in the same passionate way as this one….

    Loved it. Aro chai dada…. aaro chaai.. 🙂

  2. Funny. Or is it strange? Or is it simply natural? That different people visit the same place and take away exceedingly divergent experiences out of it. It must be natural, in spite of all the birds-of-a-feather similes, no two people think alike after all. I was there, too. Down precisely the same broken streets, lounging as bait for similar wanton mosquitoes and peering into the eyes of the kind of women I wouldn’t ever, voluntarily at least.

    But I saw no darkened clouds of despair in them. Not even within the load-shed walls of seeming oblivion. Instead, I saw in them not just the cliched promise of hope but the urge and belief to turn them to reality. Sure enough, not all of it were for themselves. Most of it were projections of positivism for their children. But also, clearly visible were their own efforts, concrete ones, rooted in their present reality to bring alive those potentials. Married at 12 and mother at 15 makes it a point to not just educate her children but have them learn in a convent. A timid housewife unsure of even the strength of her voice goes out of the way to ensure her kid is computer literate. The poster child of oppressed orthodoxy, the Muslim housewife from a small town in UP, views love marriage as the inevitable but more importantly accepted reality of the times.

    Yes, this is UP. And I on the other hand grew up far from this world, baptized by rampant and indiscriminate borrowings from the western world.

    If I took back anything, it was humility. The humility for me to step outside the bubble that my hedonistic and uni-dimensional world has blew for me. I took back heart in knowing that the famously captioned 2 India’s can somewhere down the road become sides of the same coin, as opposed to a coin and cow dung. The thirst is promising. The road is becoming more travelled. The outside-in bubble, is very close to exploding with a loud bang.

  3. man , the male of the species, the protector n the provider. Woman , the womb for pro-creation n keeper of home n hearth. The lines have become blurred in the human species, with the ”womb” stepping out , hungering n with a thirst to partake a slice of the exciting world of far greater choices the ”protector” enjoyed. Masculinity threatened becomes just that……a threat to someone spreading her wings because this world is her’s too. Adam’s rib, yes; but also his better half.

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