Why even sf style holograms may not be enough

There are few things that smell as peaceful as an infant. It is not about the baby powder. It is this particular ‘milky’ smell that fills an entire baby’s room. Or at least the babies I’ve been around.

Something about smells isn’t there? The important ones fill you up, no matter how faint. And you breathe them in to release this flood of feelings and emotions. Peace, arousal, comfort, coming home.

Voices carry similar codes, but only sometimes. Over the telephone, some voices are not distinct enough to really trigger anything instantly, and only well into the conversation do you start feeling that rush.Which is why, beyond a point, telephone conversations start feeling vaguely unfulfilling.

When photographs or telephones can carry the scents of people and places with them, is when we can truly stop worrying about being far away from someone or something. Until then, I suppose words will have to do.

5 responses to “Why even sf style holograms may not be enough”

    • Good. Getting married next month so pretty caught up with that and work. OK if I add you on FB? I dont know ur last name, so an email ID would help 🙂


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