A different feeling

Six years ago, one of my first posts on this blog was about the feelings of being behind a glass, and seeing the world outside. http://againstabsolutes.com/2006/05/06/glass/

Strange how this enveloping can become something your soul starts needing.

Early mornings at BBH are so addictive. A short trip from home, a quick trot up two floors, push open the glass door and you enter a space of whiteness, filled in every corner with reflected sunlight, glinting off trees swaying in the morning breeze. Automatically, my breathing gets slower, calmer, as I embrace the rituals of routine. Fill my cup with hot water, dip a tea bag from a set that was replenished before I walk in, glance at the headlines on the newspapers neatly placed on the wooden table; open up my aluminium notebook and start writing to people millions of miles away or a shout away and smile into the screen.

The periodic glow of joy from every sip of chai that I made just the way I like it, and then waiting for repeat sessions through the day.

One response to “A different feeling”

  1. I love how you just made the laptop more endearing! That morning calm is what am missing these days…my home in Ezhi, bathed in morning light…I also have the good fortune of listening to birds chip. Enjoy that cuppa and several refills 🙂


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