Hubris Lost

  I remember looking into the mirror, Gazing at giant black-brown eyes With little flecks on them. My button nose came in the way as I leaned in And misted over all details.   Without these fragile pieces of glass I wear everyday, I am but a blurred man In the mirror And without; And … Continue reading Hubris Lost

So we beat on…

Rows and rows of bookshelves. Simple, dark wood. Unpolished. Yellowed spines in each. Tropical dust motes bouncing around in the sunlight. Flecks from pages, the earth, skin and hair all intermingling. Hushed little corners. Dark but not damp. American books. English books. Satire. sf. Westerns. Thrillers. Best Sellers. Reference books. Each with a little paper … Continue reading So we beat on…

The mockery

He waited, for his body to return to his command again. It felt like an eternity. The motion of the blades of grass, the seemingly giant drops of sweat and blood pricking his right eye, the harsh grating of his breath which felt like that of a machine outside of him, the escalating weight of … Continue reading The mockery

Comedy Nights with Kapil – the laughing face of North Indian gender discrimination

The things we find funny or laugh at, often tell us more about who we are, then anything else. Watching TV while sitting with the family (parents, siblings et al) is not something I get to do very often. So i decided to make the most of it, and actually pay attention for a few … Continue reading Comedy Nights with Kapil – the laughing face of North Indian gender discrimination

The true wasteland

Reading about the centuries long sackings of 12th and 13th Century Indian centers of learning, religion and entire cities… Thousands of years of knowledges just torched and discarded. And now we are left only with the legacy of civilization in decline. Funny that more is said of Mao’s cultural revolution. The locations of our temples, … Continue reading The true wasteland

Wafers and Cake

The taste of salt from those soggy potato wafers, Mixing deliciously with the saccharine icing That is the birthday paper plate ritual. That little silver ball discovered By the tongue, suddenly. A tentative bite And it crumbles Into something surprisingly sweet. The taste of salt from that trembling Self-concious corner of the mouth. As tears … Continue reading Wafers and Cake