Hubris Lost

  I remember looking into the mirror, Gazing at giant black-brown eyes With little flecks on them. My button nose came in the way as I leaned in And misted over all details.   Without these fragile pieces of glass I wear everyday, I am but a blurred man In the mirror And without; And … Continue reading Hubris Lost

Wafers and Cake

The taste of salt from those soggy potato wafers, Mixing deliciously with the saccharine icing That is the birthday paper plate ritual. That little silver ball discovered By the tongue, suddenly. A tentative bite And it crumbles Into something surprisingly sweet. The taste of salt from that trembling Self-concious corner of the mouth. As tears … Continue reading Wafers and Cake

This City

Every sip, connected to the other one, The liquid connected through memory and taste A haze of tea leaves crushed and yellowed, Sugar, milk, adrak and the magic of giant copper vessels. Dust everywhere. Every scrunch under my feet, Rising and settling And mixing with the flakes of my dead Skin. Skin everywhere. Every spit … Continue reading This City

Pillow + Scream

Lifebood, All entwined. Pinpricks of tears, Hit out From a shared subconcious, How I hate this ageing, How I hate this dying, How I hate this finiteness of everything, Every place, Every world, Every emotion, every tear. Why are we so fragile, When we think we are Gods. Continue reading Pillow + Scream

All at the same time

Black coffee and Glenlivet, Fine cotton and leather, Warm blankets, new tablet, Soft skin, new hearth, Old bombs, old refugee tents, New dictators, old ways, Old terrors, new tech, Old borders, new guns, Cold hearts, warm blood, Cold streets, warm hearts. All at the same time.   Continue reading All at the same time