The whispers of a river

“We can love completely without complete understanding.” American Literature has a certain quality no other writing in the English Language achieves. It has a certain reflectiveness which is often compeltely without self-conciousness, a certain simplicity of purpose towards the understanding of the human spirit: an uncluttered-ness. The Literature of the Isle is more nuanced, more … Continue reading The whispers of a river

Leaps Of Faith

There are some cultural objects, which have viewpoints you find alien. Which describe social systems and generalisations you abhor. But of these, there are a handful, which have something else so powerful, so unearthly, that they pull you along into a world and relaity which changes everything. Your cultural contexts, your levels of tolerance, your … Continue reading Leaps Of Faith


“Sit back aa!”. And so it began. In North India, you would be hallucinating if the cabbie spoke to you in English, forget English used colloquially. From both the shock and the amusement I sat back and let Raja dictate the rules in his Indica. “Seatbelt!!” he said, the movement of his lips hidden by … Continue reading Seri!

Cinema Paradiso Part 2

Someone once told me: “After all, it is just light from the back of a projector which falls on a blank white wall. And yet, people will dance in front of it, throw flowers at it, hoot and whistle, laugh and cry, clap & dance, scream & cringe. its all a little overdone.” As you … Continue reading Cinema Paradiso Part 2