Hubris Lost

  I remember looking into the mirror, Gazing at giant black-brown eyes With little flecks on them. My button nose came in the way as I leaned in And misted over all details.   Without these fragile pieces of glass I wear everyday, I am but a blurred man In the mirror And without; And … Continue reading Hubris Lost

After 10 years

There is something Mumbai has against wall paint. There is something we like about the concept of letting layer upon layer of grime, fungus and disease accumulate on the walls of our homes, offices, shops and establishments.  We always hear about Indian streets and stairwells. How both are lined first with dirt, and then with … Continue reading After 10 years

Outside the bubble

Maybe all of go through this at some point in their life. Except that I used to pride myself in not being one of these people. I thought that if I listened and read enough, without changing my actual physical co-ordinates, it would mean I was still taking journeys. Well, maybe when I was younger, … Continue reading Outside the bubble

The Rat Race

This post is dedicated to my father and the millions like him who slept one night, to awake and find themselves lost. I took my love, And took it down. Climbed a mountain and turned around, And I saw my reflection in the snow covered hills ‘Till the landslide brought me down. – Fleetwood Mac … Continue reading The Rat Race