Hubris Lost

  I remember looking into the mirror, Gazing at giant black-brown eyes With little flecks on them. My button nose came in the way as I leaned in And misted over all details.   Without these fragile pieces of glass I wear everyday, I am but a blurred man In the mirror And without; And … Continue reading Hubris Lost

Comedy Nights with Kapil – the laughing face of North Indian gender discrimination

The things we find funny or laugh at, often tell us more about who we are, then anything else. Watching TV while sitting with the family (parents, siblings et al) is not something I get to do very often. So i decided to make the most of it, and actually pay attention for a few … Continue reading Comedy Nights with Kapil – the laughing face of North Indian gender discrimination

The true wasteland

Reading about the centuries long sackings of 12th and 13th Century Indian centers of learning, religion and entire cities… Thousands of years of knowledges just torched and discarded. And now we are left only with the legacy of civilization in decline. Funny that more is said of Mao’s cultural revolution. The locations of our temples, … Continue reading The true wasteland

Other Memories

He finally docked. Shimmering, like the old Earth myths, the ship re-appeared into the familiar dimensions of Space. Making it the only matter in a near infinite ocean of nothing-ness. In the end, the decision to dock into the hellish Nothing somewhere outside the Ur Galaxy hadn’t taken time. An effort to manage the parallel … Continue reading Other Memories


This is a writing project that was thought of and executed while we were idling at work. Neelanjan Dasgupta and I are co-authours of the poem. He wrote a line, I the other. But it should leave you with just one feeling. She fills me with dread, with horror, with pain. And a certain niggling … Continue reading Close

The City

It speaks a little of how much it has been on my mind that two consecutive posts are about the same thing. In a way. Is Bombay just overwhelming me? Or is it just that my love for it makes me want to talk about it, but I feel that most people don’t see what … Continue reading The City

Losing Bruce

It is so sad, that to almost everyone I meet who knows his name, Springsteen is the good-looking, young bloke from the 70’s who sang loud pop-rock classics like Born to Run, Badlands and Dancing in the Dark. And with each passing year, the fact that he is one of the greatest American song-writers, gets … Continue reading Losing Bruce