The Good Fight

Sharing, Of deeds done And things felt Are more important Than the deeds done And the things felt; Alone. Fighting the Good Fight, Is more important, Than staying alive; And feasting over the verdant; Triumphant. Sitting by the shores, Of your imagination And dreaming about What She is telling you Is more valuable… Than all … Continue reading The Good Fight


It feels so strange to know that I have not written here for over a month. And possibly indicative of the alienation that comes from not knowing where one day ends and the next one begins…but such thoughts are for another place. This is a scattered post; an attempt to reassure myself that I have … Continue reading Alienation


I came off the Monday morning flight from Ahmedabad and walked into the massive granite walls of Mumbai airport. And straight into the men’s loo. And was confronted by one of the most ridiculous things I had ever seen. Each urinal had a queue of about six to seven men in business suits and dress … Continue reading Queues