A short commentary on “In Bruges”

Ralph Fiennes is one of my favourite actors  . I thought his performance in The Reader was stand-out. He was equally brilliant in “The English Patient”.  And I just love the Potter casting agents for choosing him as Voldemort. He’s perfect for the role.

But it wasn’t because of him that “In Bruges” got under my skin and kept crawling around for days. I haven’t seen a film which felt more like a play. And not just any play. A screen-play which seems to be  inspired in equal measure by Pinter, Greene and Shakespeare. Complete with Acts, devices, allegories, atmosphere and denouments. And I still can’t get over the fact that afte so, so very long, an original  screenplay was far bigger than the cast, brilliant though they were.

But before I give anymore away: “In Bruges”, an absolute must-watch.


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