Leaps Of Faith

There are some cultural objects, which have viewpoints you find alien. Which describe social systems and generalisations you abhor. But of these, there are a handful, which have something else so powerful, so unearthly, that they pull you along into a world and relaity which changes everything. Your cultural contexts, your levels of tolerance, your metaphors, your speech, your language; and yes, your Heroes.

There are some cultural objects you dream about at night. But of these, there are a few which become a part of your living memory. And its events and places are yours as well.

There are some cultural objects you find impossible to describe, except for excited little hops with which you want to hand it over to people you know will live it like you have.

I like it better when these objects are books than when they are films or plays. For then, I can take it at my pace, hurtling along when I feel my heart burst, and savouring the descriptions of places I may never visit again.

Middle Earth during the Second Coming of Sauron

4 responses to “Leaps Of Faith”

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever been happier about telling someone to read Lord of the Rings šŸ™‚

    Here’s to leaps of faith.


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